Step Three In Optimizing Your Web Site


This section of the guide deals with keywords, we have seen how those are put into the metatags, now we delve a little deeper.

Now we are fine tuning. But first a word about content. When it comes to page rank with all the search engines, content is KING Do not sacrifice the quality of your content, just because someone tells you that if you have x amount of repetitions of key words in your content it will be higher ranked. This may be so at the moment, but as soon as a new technique for getting around the search engines crawl is devised you can guarantee they will be trying to fix. Then what you are left with load trash as your content, and your page rank will be floored.

What we at recommend, is not to fight against the search engines but see them as your friend, work with them. Display good content, without uneccessarily repeating phrases, just in the hope of gaining page rank. They will get you in the end.

Ok now to meat of the chapter. We have got a good descriptive title, we have accurate metatags describing the content of the page, now within the content ensure that the keywords in your keywords metatag match your actual keywords in your content.

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Keywords in Metatag = Self Reliant Living, living the good life, grow, eat, cook, bees, beeswax

These appear in the content of the index the following amount of times:

Self Reliant Living = 4
Living the Good Life = 2
grow = 8
eat = 6
cook = 5
bees = 8
beeswax = 7

Now apart from and, there, do and other non descriptive words only

Bulgaria = 4

Appears more times. Ok so, is not fully optimised, back to the metatag and add Bulgaria to the list of Keywords.

Now I can't guarantee that this minor improvement(and nor should anyone else) is going to increase my page rank one little bit, and certainly any actual proof will not be seen for a few months at the very least, but every time you make major changes to your content, check your keywords.


(I might have to change the keywords to include content and king now on this page!)

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